Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire Reviews

Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire Reviews

Are you looking for an aggressive tire that would suit your rough-road needs? Would you want a monstrous tire but humbles as it doesn’t make noise at all? We invite you to take a look at Toyo Tire Open Country’s newest product, Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire Reviews.

Toyo Tires have been manufacturing quality performance tires for all types of vehicles: sports cars, sedans, trucks, SUVs, CUVs and commercial trucks. Their designs, which are originally constructed in Japan, are packed with technology and durability, capable of meeting the expectations of the modern weekend warriors. You are always confident when buying Toyo Tires as engineer each as a unique combination of components and design features the Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire Reviews proves just that.



The Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire Reviews isn’t your traditional hardcore, down-to-the-dirt type of tire. It is exceptionally comfortable and quiet for its size. It was specifically designed for lifted pickup applications. It boasts of a new technology that provides uniformity and super handling for all four tires. It comes in two size offerings: 33×13.5 0R15 – 37×13.50R24. This tire was designed with an all-around traction, attack tread design with hook-shaped blocks. It has scalloped shoulder blocks, tread block stabilizer and deep siping which allows for flexibility both on rough and street roads. For the tire’s aesthetics, it has a black outline serrated lettering, a rim protector in lower sidewall to combat rocks and debris from rough road riding. It has two spiral wound nylon cap plies, two wide steel belts, a cap to base construction. It’s sidewalls are guaranteed to be bruised and abrasion resistant.

This Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire Reviews was designed with a DSOC II Technology, a development solely from Toyo Tires, which guarantees a longer casing life. With its high-tensile, open cord construction, the belts keep its moisture and oxygen levels from entering to combat corrosion and improve rubber penetration. Its crafted computer-optimized tread allows maximum tire performance by optimizing the appropriate combination of tread design and casing shape to work more cooperatively with each other as it skids on the ground instead of against each other which would result to wobbly maneuver. And to emphasize the selling point of this product, which is the comfort and quiet, its tread elements are specifically shaped and staggered to allow it to perform the way it does.



  • Longevity and Traction
    As the technology built into this tire, it is known for durability, off-road performance and long tread life. It helps trucks to work on pavement and work harder on rocky, muddy, snowy roads or perhaps, where there are no roads at all. It delivers excellent off-road traction, but maintains the same quality on road.
  • High Turn Up
    The tire’s 3-polyester construction directly impacts and contributes to its resistance, handling and durability and maintains proper load capacity. This enables the whole truck to become like a spring, providing flexibility and comfort to its passengers.
  • Aggressive Tread Design
    The tread architecture enhances the grip of the tires in all types of road conditions. The design allow mud or snow to eject through this avoiding slips or skids, maintaining its grip on semi-wet surfaces. The tread also allows for a smooth maneuvering even on off-road hard turns.


  • Price
    A tire steals off approximately 350 USD from your pocket, which is quite expensive compared to its competitors on Michelin and Goodyear stores. This is one of the major qualms of potential buyers.
  • Wet and Sand Road Traction
    Despite its intricately designed tread, most off-road drivers have commented on the tire’s grip on sand and wet roads which is not as good as its performance on mud and rocky road dunes. It had a few hints of slipping and struggled a little on wet roads causing loud noises.



These Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire – 35×12.50R17 125Q are recommended to weekend warriors who are looking for a quiet, aggressive tire which they can rip up muddy areas with or drive the suburb concrete smoothly. They look great enough on city-driving but perform well off road. Despite the pricing, you are guaranteed to get the quality you pay for.

There are many tires available in the market, today, each have their own strengths and competitive price offerings that would entice all types of off-road riders. But If you’re opting for one with a great built and durability, which looks great and rides even better, this Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire – 35×12.50R17 125Q will perfectly meet your needs and exceed your expectations.


  • Aggressive, attack tread design with hook shaped blocks
  • Open, scalloped shoulder blocks
  • Over-the-shoulder tread
  • Deep siping in the tread blocks
  • High turn-up, 3-ply polyester casing


Technical Details

Brand Toyo Tires
Model Open Country M/T
Item Weight 77.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 35 x 35 x 12.5 inches
Item model number 360310
Manufacturer Part Number 360310
OEM Part Number 360310
Special Features tread_wear_indicator
Vehicle Service Type Passenger All_Season
Section Width 35 inches
Aspect Ratio 12.5
Construction Radial
Rim Diameter 17 inches
Load Index Rating 125
Speed Rating Q


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Product description

The Toyo Tire Open Country M/T Mud-Terrain Tire – 35×12.50R17 125Q is designed for full-size pickups driven by enthusiasts who require extra ground clearance, load-carrying capacity and off-road capability with great on-road performance. The Open Country M/T is M and S rated.


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