Nitto Terra Grappler Radial Tire 295/70R17


Nitto Terra Grappler Radial Tire 295/70R17 is a trusted producer of high quality tires which have been proven to perform excellently under all weather conditions to give an awesome on and off road experience. Whatever seems to be your preference, be it something aggressive for a muddy terrain or rocky slope, a tire to take you through dirt and trails or something for the smooth highway, you can rest assured that Nitto definitely has something in store for you. Nitto tire are guaranteed to have long thread life while being correspondingly quiet, so you can be sure to use them for quite a period of time. Each tire is produced using Nitto’s top notch technology making them even and easy to balance for an unperturbed ride.

The Terra Grapler Radial tire is Nitto’s new generation which would be viable on all terrains, just meant to satisfy the customers’ everyday needs, both on and off road alike. Whether you are towing another vehicle, taking a trip to your workplace or going on the mountainside for some fun time out, you can be sure you are covered and well insured with this tire. It was designed basically for use on SUVs and trucks and it guarantees unparalleled performance in all weather conditions, wet, dry or snow.


Features and benefits

Dual sidewall designs. Each of these Nitto Terra Grappler Radial Tire 295/70R17 have two different sidewall designs so the buyer can make a choice on what they want their tires to look like. One side is designed to have solid outlined lettering, while the other side has striped lettering. This feature is not just to make the tires look beautiful, it is an engineering mechanism to ensure that unwanted vibrations are avoided, since small weight imbalances could trigger them off. The tire is exceptionally uniform for the perfect on and off road experience.

All-purpose traction and handling. Thought was put into the tread pattern ratio to ensure that it was balanced enough for on road handling as well as off traction. The coupling joints between each block element is meant to reduce excess flex for the purpose of better handling and immediate steering response both on and off road.

High density siping. Siping on tires helps to cut through pockets of water while driving along a road, this is necessary to assist in hydroplaning. The tire possesses deep sipes along with lateral voids which have proven to effectively ward off water. The sipes are full depth which do not just assist in maintaining functional benefit, they are also beneficial in ensuring that the look of the tread design is kept intact, even when the tire is gradually wearing.

Treadwear warranty. The Nitto Terra Grappler Radial Tire 295/70R17 was designed with the addition of a new compound, this new compound has improved the usability of the tires on different terrains allowing them to adapt seamlessly. The compound has also worked to increase the tread life of the tire. The warranty of the tire states that for LT-metric and floatation sizes, it can go up to 50,000 miles while for hard metric sizes it will get to 65,000 miles.

Coupling blocks. For the design of this new tire, Nitto Terra Grappler Radial Tire 295/70R17 decided to upgrade the coupling joints. The joints which connect the tread blocks on the outside to the center blocks were reinforced. This was done with an intent to improve the rigidity of the block edge.

Shoulder lugs. The tire possesses staggered shoulder lugs. These have a beneficial effect in off road conditions as they provide the tire with additional biting edges. Also, the new designs on the sidewall are meant to connect the sidewall lugs beginning at the shoulder block and running through the middle the surface of the sidewall.

Variable pitch blocks. The tread block arrangement is properly analyzed by computers, the advantage of this is that it reduces the noise produced by the tire on highways.



Customer reviews

Several customers have purchased this Nitto Terra Grappler Radial Tire 295/70R17 and quite a number had something to say about the overall performance of the tire. All of them gave the tire above 4.5 rating for on and off road performance, stating that the tire performed far above expectation. The tire also got above 4.5 ratings out of 5.0 for performance in both wet and dry conditions, with most customers stating that the tires were still easy to control regardless of the extremity of the weather conditions. The ratings dropped just a bit for winter conditions however. As regards noise production, only a few customers complained about noise as most stated that they heard no disturbing sounds while in transit. Most customers agreed that the tire was indeed a good buy, with the price matching the qualities embedded therein.

  • Angled lateral voids channel away water in wet conditions and provide stability on dry roads
  • Circumferential voids help the tire maintain straight-line traction
  • Coupling joints connect lugs, reducing tread flex and providing high-speed stability
  • High-density siping resists hydroplaning and improves traction in wet and snowy conditions



Product information

Technical Details

Brand Nitto
Model Terra Grappler
Item Weight 55.2 pounds
Product Dimensions 33.2 x 12.1 x 33.2 inches
Item model number 200-430
Manufacturer Part Number 200430
Special Features tread_wear_indicator
Section Width 11.6 inches
Aspect Ratio 70
Construction Radial
Rim Diameter 17 inches
Load Index Rating 121
Speed Rating R
Tread Depth 16.4 thirty_seconds_inches


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Product description

  • The Terra Grappler A/T is Nitto’s first light truck/sport utility tire to be offered in D- and E- load ratings.
  • An aggressive tread pattern with high-density siping provides excellent traction and handling in snow and slush.
  • Two steel belts ensure optimum contact patch both on and off the road.
  • Two spiral wound nylon cap plies enhance high-speed stability.


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