Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews

Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews

Good traction and efficient handling are two reasons why Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews is built. This tire has been developed to provide awesome performances in all-seasons both dry and wet since it is a touring design. It offers great comfort while driving because of the improved handling and noise control. The tire is affordable and reliable in terms of durability. According to the manufacturer, this tire works best with sedans, coupes, minivans and smaller pickups. The product has been used severally as an original equipment in various new vehicles.

The tire is produced by Hankook Driving Emotion which is a manufacturing company that is actively embracing the global stage through a commitment to innovation and constant technological development. Hankook is a global leader in the provision of sustainable solutions to achieving optimum driving satisfaction to all customers. They have a wide range of satisfactory brands and Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews is among the best products that this company has produced. The tire is built for all type of roads and turns.


Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews

H724’s all-season tread compound consist of a continuous center rib that offers enhanced stability and steering on both dry and wet pavement. It has rounded shoulders design with deeper grooves so as to intensify dry traction handling and achieve a remarkable cornering performance. Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews model comes with a 70,000-mile tread guarantee. To reduce the risk of hydroplaning the tire has four circumferential grooves that are technologically optimized to evacuate water from under the tread. For more durability and strength the tire has two steel belts fitted inside, these belts also promote an even tread wear and long lifespan.

What I love most in this tire is pitch design technology that reduces tire noise for a quieter ride and its excellent response to steering. Also, the even tread wear in this tire made it on of my favorite tire of all time. It is a great value for money and excellent in road performance. However, I must warn you about ease of tread wear. Hankook corporation should improve in this and make the tread wear a bit hard for little longer durability.




  • Great value for money due to its quality and development technology.
  • Tires ride comfortably and quietly.
  • Good traction on both wet and dry roads.
  • Excellent steering responsiveness.
  • Great build up technology.



  • They should improve on tread wear.

Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews has been developed using the Hankook’s control Technology with improved durability so as to last a longer period of time. The tire is also light weight which improves fuel efficiency while maintaining remarkable performance. If you are a value conscious customer this surely the right tire for you. For it is available at competitive prices and provides great top notch comfortability.



Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire prices range from $60 and up. You might find coupons, special offers, discounts, and gifts depending on sellers. Based on my experience with different tires and rides, I believe the technology behind Optimo H724 All-season tire is great and remarkable. Hankook Driving Emotion is also a trustworthy company who have for long been providing quality products to the market not in the USA but across various other countries around the globe. The are ranked high in the market and their products are thoroughly researched on before they are produced.

With this, I would recommend Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews to any one looking for a smooth, comfortable, and luxurious ride at a pocket-friendly price. Similarly, if you are interested in great efficiency in terms of fuel economy and great performance, then Hankook Optimo H724 All-seasons tire is the best for you. If you are considering purchasing new tires for your vehicle, I suggest you prioritize on Optimo H724.

  • Center rib block improves handling and stability while changing direction
  • Pitch design technology reduces tire noise for a quieter ride
  • Jointless full cover improves durability and brake performance
  • Single-s trand bead wire enhances vehicle ride
  • High hardness bead filler improves durability




P185/75R – 14 89S WSW
P195/75R – 14 92S WSW
P205/75R – 14 95S WSW
P215/70R – 14 96T WSW
P215/75R – 14 98S WSW

P205/75R – 15 97S WSW
P215/75R – 15 100S WSW
P225/75R – 15 102S WSW
P235/75R -15 XL 108S W



Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire – 235/75R15 108S will fit well in the following vehicles and many others;
* Isuzu Hombre
* Chrysler PT Cruiser, 300M, Sebring
* Honda Element, Civic
* Ford Taurus, Crown Victoria, Mustang, Ranger
* Chevrolet Impala, Silverado, Malibu, S10, Colorado, Astro
* Dodge Neon, Stratus, Caravan, Dakota
* GMC S15, Safari, Canyon, C1500
* Jeep Cherokee, Wrangler
* Plymouth Voyager.
* Toyota Yaris, Corolla, Camry, Prius, 4Runner
* Pontiac G6, Grand Prix, Grand Am
* Saturn L200
* Oldsmobile Cutlass Calais, 88

Note that the list offered here is not conclusive. Consult wisely before making decisions on which tire to settle on. However, Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire Reviews works properly with a wide range of vehicles.


Technical Details

Brand Hankook
Model Optimo H724
Item Weight 26.7 pounds
Product Dimensions 28.9 x 28.9 x 9.3 inches
Item model number 1010988
Manufacturer Part Number 1010988
Special Features tread_wear_indicator
Vehicle Service Type P
Section Width 235 millimeters
Aspect Ratio 75
Construction Radial
Rim Diameter 15 inches
Load Index Rating 108
Speed Rating S
Tread Depth 11 inches
UTQG 500-A-B


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Product description

The Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire – 235/75R15 108S delivers performance benefits such as improved handling, noise control and a comfortable ride at a competitive price that today’s value conscious consumers will appreciate. Additionally, the Optimo H724 provides an environmentally responsible option for consumers, offering longer mileage performance. The Hankook Optimo H724 All-Season Tire – 235/75R15 108S has been developed utilizing Hankook’s Kontrol Technology with improved durability that allows it to last for a longer period of time. The result is a strong yet lightweight tire, which maximizes vehicle fuel efficiency.

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