Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9 Tire Reviews

Discount tire Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9┬átire reviews : If you have an ATV that you often ride off-road then you know that using a low-quality set of tires can be hazardous to your well being. Without the right kind of tires, you run the risk of having your vehicle slip and land in a ditch. Depending on where you are, this could prove to be inconvenient at best, and life-threatening at worst.

That’s why you need high-quality tires like the Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9 tire brands which are specifically designed to give you a grip that doesn’t quit. Although ATV tires come in an astoundingly wide range of styles and sizes, you should never be tempted to buy the cheapest one from tire shop you come across. There are a lot of important features that every good automotive tires should have, and Carlisle Field Trax has all of those features and a few unique ones.

Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9 is one of the best ATV tires available online and tire shop, and it isn’t like most other inferior makes which have weak points that fail over time. It works well on most types of terrain, and it’s a great choice that will suit all your needs regardless of where and how you use your ATV.


Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9 tire reviews

Keeping a good quality set of tires on your ATV gives it significantly more traction and affords you better control on those steep inclines as well as the rugged trails. It also helps to prevent accidents due to uneven terrain. Using worn or low-quality tires will only result in unsafe riding situations especially when tackling extremely harsh conditions.

These tires offer the best of all worlds for even the most passionate outdoor enthusiasts. They are great for use on ATVs, Fun-Karts, Side by Side Vehicles, and Utility Vehicles and they come with some impressive features.


Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9 Product Specs

  • Section Width: 25″
  • Aspect Ratio: 13″
  • Construction: Bias
  • Rim Diameter: 9″
  • Speed Rating: C
  • Tread Depth: 0.68″
  • Max Load: 535 lb @ 7 psi


Product Features

Durable Premium Tire

If you have used a few different types of ATV tires in the past and they’ve punctured or ripped, then you understand the frustration that most people feel at being let down by low-quality tires at inopportune moments. The discount tire Carlisle HD Field Trax will never let you down.

It’s made from quality rubber that doesn’t degrade easily even when exposed to the harshest elements. The rubber is designed to extend the life of the tread, which means you will be using this set of tires for years to come. The stylish design ensures that this tire not only does a tough job well but that it looks good doing it!


Run-Flat Tire

There is nothing quite as challenging as trying to deal with a puncture in the middle of some remote trail. Carlisle HD Field Trax gives you a durable run-flat tire which means that it performs great even when punctured. This is particularly convenient and will save you a lot of time especially if you need to travel only a limited distance in order to get help or a replacement tire.


Super Grip ATV Tires

The grip of should be one of the most important considerations when you’re deciding on the best ATV tire for your needs. The Carlisle HD Field Trax has a rigorous thread pattern which gives great performance when it comes to gripping different kinds of surfaces well.

It improves the stability as well as the maneuverability of your ATV vehicle on all kinds of terrain giving you excellent control. This ultimately makes your vehicle safer to ride in rugged environments or at high speeds without having to worry about sliding or tipping over.


Affordable Quality

The makers of this tire had one thing in mind: To make a durable, long-wearing tire that rides very well in all kinds of terrain – and all of that at a very affordable price. You don’t have to break the bank to own a set of these tires. The Field Trax tire by Carlisle is competitively discount tire priced and makes for a sound investment that you will appreciate for years to come.


Versatile Use

This tire is very versatile and can be used for a variety of applications. It will not only fit your ATV, but it also fits Utility vehicles, Fun-Karts, and Side-by-Side vehicles. Whether you’re trying to get things done on the field or on the golf course, or even around the farm, this tire will always come in handy.

With the Carlisle Field Trax, you certainly won’t be spinning your golf cart tires on the golf course! Wherever you choose to use these tires, they will always provide you with the traction that you need.


Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire - 25X13-9 tire



  • Non-slip tread pattern provides exceptional performance
  • Durable rubber tire that gives years of service
  • Works well on all types of terrain
  • Run-flat design
  • Very easy to mount
  • Great value for money compared to most other tires on the market



  • Slightly odd sizing



Because so many people have a low budget for ATV tires, they tend to go with the cheapest tires that they find from tire shop, and often end up with punctured or ripped tires and a lot of frustration at having to buy another set of tires in a short span of time.

You will never experience that problem with the Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9 tire brands. This is one of the best ATV tires on the tire store. They are built to last and effectively resist wear even on the most extreme terrains. In addition to that, they are priced so that they are well within reach of anyone looking for a high-quality, great-performing, long-lasting ATV tire.



For those of you who are conscious about personal safety as well as performance, this is a great tire from a top-notch brand that will serve your needs well. Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9┬átire brands is a premium tire that works very well all year round. Its non-slip tread pattern ensures an excellent grip that will help you power through obstacles on any terrain with ease. Get the Field Trax from Carlisle right now.

  • ATVs, Utility Vehicles, Side by Side Vehicles, & Fun-Karts



Product information


Technical Details

Brand Carlisle
Model HD Field Trax
Item Weight 27.4 pounds
Product Dimensions 25 x 25 x 13 inches
Item model number 588394
Manufacturer Part Number 588394
Special Features run_flat
Section Width 25 inches
Aspect Ratio 13
Construction Bias
Rim Diameter 9 inches
Speed Rating C
Tread Depth 0.68 inches



Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire - 25X13-9 tire


Product description


Carlisle HD Field Trax ATV Tire – 25X13-9 tire brands.

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