Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F Reviews

Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F Reviews

The product

Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F Reviews is an all terrain tire. It is made specifically to handle any challenging environment thanks to its wide threads and large size.


Product manufacturer

Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F are made by Carlisle. Since 1917 they have been making high-quality specialty tires with high durability and stylish look. They do both designing and manufacturing at the same location. This sacrifices efficiency and cost but leads to high-quality tires. The ACT ATV Radial tires uphold the same quality ingrained in the manufacturer. Additionally, they believe in putting customers first. They offer a six month warranty. The return policy they have is quite flexible. For any defects no matter how trivial you get a new set of tires.



Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F Reviews have amazing grip. This is due to a large tire tread of 0.75 inches. They weigh 23.9 pounds with a dimension of 25 by 25 by 11 inches. The radial design of the tire gives it a load carrying rating of 53 and a speed rating of F.


What I liked

I have been using the tire for over three and the durability is unmatched. I have been using it on a 4 by 4 jeep so you can imagine all the off-roading I have done. Crossed rivers and even muddy roads. If you are try of replacing tires every now and then get this tires and you will be sorted. One great thing about these tires is you get quality for the money. Initially, I was using Polaris tires from the same manufacturer. This is a premium product and comes at a higher price. For a much lower cost, you can get ACT ATV tires with almost the same quality. I love Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F Reviews because of the money it helps me save.

Some tires just do not give you proper handling. I have experienced a sharp rise in my driving experience since I shifted to these tires. The car handles well and predictably even in the most challenging of terrains. This has made me enjoy my driving adventures even more. The customer support that comes with these tires is satisfactory. Carlisle has an elaborate system of support centers in almost every state. Just last week as I was filling my car with gas I was approached by one of their agents. He offered to do free diagnostics and checks to the wheels.


Fitting the tires on customized rims can be challenging. On purchasing the tires I failed to fit them on my newly purchased 18 inch rims. However, this was sorted out when I visited a tire center. The staff their inform me that special equipment had to be used to fit them. The wearing out of the tires is not even. The set of tires I have been using are more worn out on the sides. This water down the looks of the tires and can be a little bit uncomfortable when driving in bad terrain. This should however not be a problem if you are not a heavy user.



If you are looking to buy all-terrain tires Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F Reviews are worth having.



The ATV tires, Carlisle ACT ATV Radial Tire – 25/11R12 53F Reviews from Carlisle areĀ  high quality and durable. The manufacturer has again shown he cherishes quality above all as they come at a very affordable rate.



Product information


Brand Carlisle
Model ACT
Item Weight 23.9 pounds
Product Dimensions 25 x 25 x 11 inches
Manufacturer Part Number 560426
Section Width 25 inches
Aspect Ratio 11
Construction Radial
Rim Diameter 12 inches
Load Index Rating 53
Speed Rating F
Tread Depth 0.75 inches


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Product description


Carlisle Tire manufactures the most comprehensive line of specialty tires available in the marketplace. Carlisle’s expertise in crafting quality tires for specialty applications has made the brand synonymous with performance and style. With an impressive selection of tires for ATVs and trailers, Carlisle Tire has grown into a company known for designing and manufacturing the ultimate in specialty tires for its customers. Since its start in 1917, Carlisle Tire has continued to achieve continuously greater levels of success by meeting the needs of drivers with a diverse line of tires that offers consistent results, reliability and value.

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